About Our Services:

We Wash III is a full service auto appearance, repair and customization facility located in the West Loop.  Our broad array of services are designed to meet each of our clients' specific and highly discriminating needs.

Our complete detail packages apply our proven "clean, correct, and protect" approach to restoring your vehicle's showroom shine.  But more than just an automotive detail center, We Wash III offers a host of other complementary services for your car, van, or truck:

  Hand Car Wash
  Pull-in and drive-out hand wash service in 10 minutes  
  Buff and Wax
  Paint correction and buff service with hand wax application  
  Complete Interior and Exterior Detail
  Complete interior and exterior detail service with showroom finish  
  Leather and Vinyl Conditioning
  Leather and vinyl surface cleaning and wear conditioning  
  Floormat Shampooing
  Floormat cleaning and shampooing  
  Rain-X Application
  Rain-X spray wax and repellent application  
  Bug and Tar Removal
  Removal of bugs, tar, tree sap, and road grime from your vehicle's finish  
  Custom Wheels
  Custom wheel design and installation  
  Paintless Dent Removal
  Removal of small dings and dents without any paints or fillers  
  Bumper Repair
  Repair of bumper pits, holes, dents, and creases on any vehicle  
  Window Tint
  Application of UV and standard window tint  

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Car Wash Pricing Menu:  
  Complete Wash 20
  Small Trucks & Mini Vans 22
  Large Trucks & Vans 24
  Engine Cleaning with Wash 45
  Hand Wax 75
  Interior Shampoo 95
  Buff and Wax 120
  Complete Detail (starting) 175
Extras Pricing Menu:  
  Tire Glaze 3
  Dashboard 3
  Vinyl Top 5
  Vacuum Truck 3
  Shampoo Mats (set of 4) 8
  Spray Wax 3
  Air Dry 2
  Leather Conditioning 15