Frequently Asked Questions:

We often get asked what the best methods are for ensuring that your car's interior and exterior are cared for properly.  We have developed a short list of frequently asked questions that we think are helpful and provide general guidelines for how often you should visit us at We Wash III.

  How often should I have my vehicle washed?

Many variables contribute to the frequency of washing of a car: road conditions, weather, where you are driving, and personal preference all play a role. In general, we recommend washing about two to three times a month and more frequently during the winter, with an application of a wax at least every other wash. This will add a protective shine to your car’s finish and keep it looking like new.

  Is We Wash environmentally friendly?

At We Wash all of our soaps and waxes are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. In fact, it is much safer for the environment to wash your car at a professional car wash than in your driveway. Because we control the flow rate and the water pressure, we use far less water per car than washing at home.

  Are having my carpets and floormats professionally cleaned better for my health?

The design of new cars emphasizes air tightness for noise suppression and complements the aerodynamics of vehicles to improve fuel efficiency.  However, it's made vehicles much more tight - and bacteria, fungus, mold and spores can develop leading to health complications.  We Wash recommends a thorough interior shampoo and disinfecting several times each year.

   Will an application of spray wax actually make a difference?

Yes, all spray wax applications provide a buffer between the painted surface and the elements. Different applications provide better protection. If you demand the best, ask for our RAIN X Complete surface protectant. RAIN X Complete gives your vehicle increased shine, the best surface protection and water repellency for safer driving in poor weather. RAIN X Complete is engineered to create a water repellent layer that chemically bonds to all exterior vehicle surfaces, including glass, paint, trim and plastics. A treatment of Rain X Complete helps level out the microscopic surface irregularities on the surfaces of your vehicle to enhance shine and water beading.

   How does caring for my vehicle impact the resale value?

Appearance is everything as it relates to maximizing the value of your used car.  A car that has been carefully detailed on a regular schedule can be worth up to $1,500 more than a vehicle whose interior and exterior have been completely neglected.


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Car Wash Pricing Menu:  
  Complete Wash 20
  Small Trucks & Mini Vans 22
  Large Trucks & Vans 24
  Engine Cleaning with Wash 45
  Hand Wax 75
  Interior Shampoo 95
  Buff and Wax 120
  Complete Detail (starting) 175
Extras Pricing Menu:  
  Tire Glaze 3
  Dashboard 3
  Vinyl Top 5
  Vacuum Truck 3
  Shampoo Mats (set of 4) 8
  Spray Wax 3
  Air Dry 2
  Leather Conditioning 15